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corporate hypnotist

Corporate Hypnosis Shows

Perfect For All Sizes

Gavin’s comedy hypnosis shows are a perfect fit for the corporate world where experience and entertainment meet. His hypnosis shows are absolutely  hilarious, clean, and memorable. Make your events pop with this fun and unique comedic entertainer.

dry grad hypnotist

Dry Grad Hypnosis Shows

Dry Grad Hypnosis Shows

Comedy hypnotist Gavin Hooper is the number one choice for clean entertainment at dry grads throughout B.C and has been since 2001! He’s a huge hit with parents, students, and teachers alike because his Hypnosis show is Safe, Clean and incredibly funny. You’ll remember this show forever!

fairs festivals hypnotist

Fairs and Festivals

Fairs and Festivals

Do you need to draw a crowd? Be seen in a fantastic light? Raise big money! Or… simply have the most people around your booth listening to your pitch! Gavin Hooper comedy hypnotist can make that happen.

team building hypnotist

Team Building

Team building events can be fun and motivational So why not give your team a much needed boost of hypnotic energy. With a hypnosis show that creates a lot of fun and maybe even a few wild situations that requires some team effort, and provide a much needed release of stress and tensions through laughter.

comedy hypnotist

Comedy Hypnotist

They say that laughter is the best medicine. If true, you’ll be cured forever! Whether watching or participating in the show you’ll have a fantastic time.  Gavins shows are Always fun..Never humiliating

fund raising hypnotist

Fundraising Hypnosis Functions

Are you looking for something different that will sell tickets, raise money and interest in your fundraising campaign? Hiring Comedy hypnotist Gavin Hooper can do just that, his shows are fun, memorable and clean. Hire Hooper The Fun Hypnotist for your event.

Corporate Comedy Hypnotist & Motivational Entertainer

An Unparalleled Comedy Hypnosis Show and Corporate Entertainer for your Special Event Mesmerizing, Hilarious, Outrageous!! Professional Comedy Hypnotist Gavin Hooper is an exciting and motivating entertainer, with an extremely   funny and fast-paced show where the volunteers become the stars! It’s always fun… never humiliating.  Hooper’s hypnotic performances are not “R” rated, making them suitable for everyone to attend and can be tailored to fit your needs. Comedy Hypnosis Shows are absolutely perfect for your corporate events, dry grads, colleges, fairs, private parties or fundraisers, and are a very unique way to show case or launch new products – talk about memorable!”

  • Mesmerizing

  • Hilarious

  • Outrageous

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